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Deathwatch Land Raider

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Legendary across the Imperium, the Land Raider is a physical manifestation of absolute war worthy of the Deathwatch. Built to concentrate fire at a single point, capable of transporting a Kill Team to its deployment amid a hail of heavy bolter and lascannon fire, the Land Raider is an essential tool in the Deathwatch struggle against the xenos threat. In their Redeemer configurations, they pour forth a blazing inferno of promethium that can burn the hardest exoskeleton and melt steel beams to puddles of liquid metal. Land Raider Crusaders blast away with hurricane bolters and assault cannon. Each are merciless.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components needed to build either a Deathwatch Land Raider, Deathwatch Land Raider Redeemer or Deathwatch Land Raider Crusader. You’ll receive a Land Raider, a Land Raider Crusader Upgrade sprue plus a Deathwatch Upgrade Frame.

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