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Ixalan Prerelease Weekend

It's almost time for pirates, dinosaurs and treasure, and boy are we excited. We'll be running the Ixalan prerelease and can't wait to see you guys there.

As ever, we'll be running our 5 prereleases. Starting with the ever-popular midnight event, then different events for different types of player each days.

The order of events is:
00:00 Midnight Prerelease (after FNM on the friday)
12:00 Saturday Daytime event
18:00 Flat Prize event (each player gets 2 prize packs)

12:00 Sunday Daytime event
18:00 2-Headed Giant (No partner? No problem, we'll find you one)

Each event is 20 to enter, or you can book all 5 for 90.
In your prerelease kit, you'll find boosters, a life counter and some other goodies. We provide basic land with which to build your 40-card minimum deck.

If you're new to Magic, prerelease events are a great fun and casual way to experience organised play. You're only allowed to use the cards in your kit, so everyone is on an even playing field, whether you've been collecting for 2 weeks or 20 years!

If you have any questions about this event, please get in touch with the store and one of our staff will be happy to help.

Hopefully we'll see you all there!

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Upcoming events
All events are in the shop unless otherwise stated.

29/07/17 YuGiOh! Code of the Duelist Sneak Peek, 11am, 20 Entry

Regular Weekly Events

MTG: EDH Night 6pm (free)

Wargaming - Warmachine/Hordes 6pm (free)
MTG: Legacy (Every fortnight) 7pm (3.50)
Final Fantasy 7pm (4.00)
Heroclix 6pm

MTG: Modern 7pm (3.50)
Kings of War: Weekly casual (Free)

MTG: FNM Standard 7pm (3.50)
MTG: FNM Draft 7pm (10.00)

YGO: Hobby League 12pm (3.50)
CFV: Weekly 1:00pm (4.00)

Pokemon League CCG 11:30 (4.00)
Wargaming - Warmachine/Hordes all day (free)

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