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Events at Patriot Games Leeds

Upcoming events
All events are in the shop unless otherwise stated.

29/07/17 YuGiOh! Code of the Duelist Sneak Peek, 11am, 20 Entry

Regular Weekly Events

MTG: EDH Night 6pm (free)

Wargaming - Warmachine/Hordes 6pm (free)
MTG: Legacy (Every fortnight) 7pm (3.50)
Final Fantasy 7pm (4.00)
Heroclix 6pm

MTG: Modern 7pm (3.50)
Kings of War: Weekly casual (Free)

MTG: FNM Standard 7pm (3.50)
MTG: FNM Draft 7pm (10.00)

YGO: Hobby League 12pm (3.50)
CFV: Weekly 1:00pm (4.00)

Pokemon League CCG 11:30 (4.00)
Wargaming - Warmachine/Hordes all day (free)

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