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Christmas Opening Hours

Patriot Games Leeds will be open on its normal schedule until December 23rd. We'll also be open Christmas eve on reduced, sunday opening hours (11am-4pm)

Please note: All orders placed after 23/12 will be processed and dispatched on 02/01/15

Our opening hours over christmas will be:

25/12 CLOSED
26/12 CLOSED
27/12 CLOSED
28/12 11:00-16:00
29/12 CLOSED
30/12 CLOSED
31/12 CLOSED
01/01 CLOSED
02/01 12:00-22:00

From 2nd January, we'll be back to normal and will start our january sale! Be sure to check out the store if you're in Leeds as not everything will be on the web site.

We'd like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our customers, online and offline and thank you for giving Patriot Games Leeds another amazing year. Here's to 2015!
Events at Patriot Games Leeds.

Patriot Games Leeds is the city's organised play venue and gaming space. Our shop has free-to-use gaming tables up at all times during opening hours and we run organised play for Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight Vanguard, Pokemon, Dungeons and Dragons and many more.

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Upcoming events
All events are in the shop unless otherwise stated.

December 2014

January 2015
(Most of January's events are still to be added)
25/01/15 MTG PPTQ Vancouver 10

Regular Weekly Events

MTG: EDH Night 6pm (free)

Wargaming - Warmachine/Hordes 6pm (free)
Board Game Night 6pm (free)
MTG: Legacy (Every fortnight) 7pm (3.00)

L5R: Tournament 7pm (3.00)
MTG: Gateway Night (Free) MTG: Modern 7pm (3.00)
GW: Warhammer Fantasy/40k (Free)
YGO: Win-a-round win-a-booster 6pm (4.00)
MTG: FNM Standard 7pm (3.00)
MTG: FNM Draft 7pm (10.00)

YGO: Hobby League 12pm (3.00)
CFV: Weekly 1:00pm (2.50)

Pokemon League (CCG and DS) 12pm (3.00)

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