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M15 is now live on the site!

Magic 2015 Launch Weekend


We had a great turnout for the Prerelease weekend, and so hope to follow this up with an equally awesome launch.

Traditionally, launch weekends are quieter than Prereleases, and so this time, we'll be trying something a little different.

Friday - Launch Draft at FNM
The one part we won't be changing is our Launch FNM. This friday's draft FNM will be M15 (standard is also on as normal)
7pm start, £10 in.

Saturday - Team Sealed Launch Event
In Team Sealed, you team up with two other players and build 3 40-card decks from the 12 boosters you'll be given. You choose a first, second and third player and then square off against other teams in a swiss tournament.
Looking for team-mates? Find them in the Patriot Leeds Facebook group
12pm start, £15 in.

Sunday - Two-Headed Giant
Because of the popularity of the 2HG, we'll be doing it again this weekend!
£20 per player, 12pm start.

We'll also have boosters, boxes, starters, toolkits and singles ready to go on launch day. See you there!
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Patriot Games Leeds is the city's organised play venue and gaming space. Our shop has free-to-use gaming tables up at all times during opening hours and we run organised play for Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight Vanguard, Pokemon, Dungeons and Dragons and many more.

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Upcoming events
All events are in the shop unless otherwise stated.

July 2014

Regular Weekly Events

Wargaming (Games Workshop) 6pm £free
MTG: EDH Night 6pm £free

Wargaming - Warmachine/Hordes 6pm £free
Board Game Night 6pm £free
MTG: Legacy (Every fortnight) 7pm £3

L5R: Tournament 7pm £3
MTG: Gateway Night £Free MTG: Modern 7pm £3

YGO: Win-a-round win-a-booster 6pm £4
MTG: FNM Standard 7pm £3
MTG: FNM Draft 7pm £10

YGO: Hobby League 12pm £3
CFV: Weekly 2:30pm £2.50

Pokemon League (CCG and DS) 12pm £3

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